Have you ever wished you had known BEFORE THE APPRAISAL that your client's "dream home" didn't meet FHA/HUD/USDA minimum property standards (MPS)?

You probably think that we appraisers can't wait to get back to the office and "call out" NON-COMPLIANCE to the lender in our report. Frankly if I could call the originator or Realtor from the house and cancel the order until everything was fixed, and STILL get paid for my trip and inspection I would do just that.

I was sitting in my car after just such an inspection, and it occured to me that if I went to the house and inspected it as though I was going to do an appraisal, but wrote up a report of NON-COMPLIANT items for the Borrower/Realtor instead of valuing the home it might save us all a lot of time.

I've done enough of these reports now to feel confident about offering the service to a broader base of clients. I am also in hopes that some of my colleagues in Southern Oregon will see fit to incorporate a similar product into their practices.

The process is easy.

Give your borrower/Realtor my number (541-708-0422) or website address (www.phoenixappraisal.org). 

Instruct them to order an FHA COMPLIANCE INSPECTION (they can click on the button on the Payment Options page).

I will arrange to inspect the home, and usually I can get the report back to them within 24 hours of my inspection. 

With the inspection report in hand everyone involved in the transaction will have the necessary information to decide how to proceed.