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SHADY COVE, OREGON - World Class English Toffee
February 22nd, 2008 11:16 PM
The monday before Valentines Day I was driving "comps" along the Rogue River just south of SHADY COVE. This river town is a popular gathering place for Salmon Fisherpersons and Rafting enthusiasts during the summer months. If you were taking a day trip to Crater Lake from the Rogue Valley, you would propbably stop here for a soda and some chips before you headed out of the Valley. As I drove into town I remembered that Shady Cove Candies ( would be a great place to grab some last minute Valentines Day gifts. Truthfully, I tasted her English Toffee last year when I attended the Applegator Benefit at Valley View Winery, and couldn't wait to have more. I walked in to find Jane busy boxing last minute Valentine gifts. She jumped up and brought out a large basket filled with bags and boxes of fine chocolates. She offered to make up a medium sized bag of Toffee for me, but I insisted on buying the big bag not wanting to make the same mistake I made at the fundraiser - sticking the last piece in my mouth and wishing there was more. Shady Cove English Toffee is my current standard to beat. I'm a kind of English Toffee freak, tasting at every opportunity. I particularly like it when the nuts don't fall off the chocolate, the chocolate is thick, and the toffee is "just" crunchy enough so that it still melts in your mouth as you're chewing it. The chocolate easily separates from the toffee making it easy to enjoy them separately. I then picked out some Liquor Truffles for my beloved. I won't pretend to vouch for the Liquor Truffles, because much to my chagrin I was not offered any. They were secreted to a hiding place before I could even offer to help with the wrapping. If you're visiting in the summer (and you must if only to enjoy the Rogue River wandering along past their deck) they offer more summer tolerant nut brittles, or Jane will pack your chocolate with an ice pack, imagine that.  

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Posted by MARGARET NELSON-QUIN on February 22nd, 2008 11:16 PMPost a Comment

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Margaret, what a lovely endorsement of not only the candy we so lovingly make but our beautiful city of Shady Cove. Every time I cross the Shady Cove bridge on my way home, I still catch my breath in astonishment at the extraordinary natural beauty we enjoy here. So good of you to invite others to share our good fortune. Thank you.

Posted by Jane Rees on February 23rd, 2008 11:05 AM
I know Jane and your comments have made me so hungry for her toffee, that she is going to receive a vistor in a few days. My mouth is watering. PS: that is the best description of a candy that I have ever read. thank you for taking the time. Jane is very particular and desires to make the best candy possible.

Posted by Bobbie Ross on March 7th, 2008 3:20 PM